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Printing & Offsetting company

I have share on a printing company or offsetting business (called Percetakan or offset in Indonesian) called SPD.  SPD specialises in serving corporate printing needs ranging from small business (UKM/Usaha Kecil Menengah) to big multi million dollar national corporation with thousands of workers.  Our products includes printing note book, receipt book, brochures, order forms, business cards and many other things. 

I, in my position as a Corporate Management Architect on SPD devise a global marketing strategy and company target.  Then I ensure that my manager were archiving the target.  Finally I always strengthen my company's corporate culture. 

People @ SPD

In SPD we had excellent people and staffs with high dedication to their job.  Our people were not only skilled on their field, they are also high in spirits and motivated.  As there were saying, a ship is only good as its crews, our company's rapid development is supported by our fine staff.  I had to thank my staffs of their hard work that continuously improves SPD.

Advanced Technology

In SPD we believe that advanced technology is the key to quality products.  Our machine is a state of the art digital printing machine and with automatic film producing and touch screen control.  Therefore we can made print on demand on even new material without proper preparation.  Our machine is fast with speed more than 7.500 sheets per minute, efficient with print on demand feature and environmentally friendly with soy based ink.

Superior Quality

Our philosophy only delivers the best to the customer.  Although we use utmost care in producing your prints, rarely, if any, some defects do happens.  We always sort for defects and chooses to destroy them before they reach any of our customer.  Therefore our customer will only receive the best available products.

Green Vision

SPD understand that we live on one Earth which should be preserved for our future.  Therefore we choose dry printing machine with no liquid waste dumped to the sewers.  Moreover our product also use at least 40% environmentally friendly soy-oil based ink that is 100% biodegrade able. 

One Day Service Printing

Our latest innovation is One Day Service Printing, first in Magelang.  We can receive order on the morning before 10.00 a.m. and delivering the goods on the afternoon before 3.00 p.m.  While this feature is only available to local customers only, we can also use special courier to send the goods to other cities by the day after!

Please click here to see our company profile in PDF format!

These are list of our notable customers

  1. PT. Panca Persada Mulia
    • A textile mills that owns a dedicated spinning and weaving mill.  Their main products are 30s cotton yarn and textile from rapier and shuttle.
  2. PT. Cipta Karya Mandiri
    • A cotton buds manufacturing plant in North of Magelang.
  3. PT. Manunggal Punduh Sakti
    • An umbrella manufacturing factory located in South West Magelang.  This company produces quality umbrella at decent price.
  4. CV. Java Textile Machinery
    • A Hongkong and Semarang based Chinese textile and spinning machinery importer.  They only imports good products that will benefits their customers.
  5. CV. Prima Rasa Food
    • This company produces a variety of different brands of snacks made from cassava.  Their main product is Mahkota cassava chips that is available throughout Jawa Tengah.  All of their snacks are made of the finest ingredients and tastes delicious.
  6. PT. Hidup Konstruksi
    • PT. Hidup Konstruksi is a Jakarta based building contractor.  This company is led by experienced managers that has impressive portfolio on building skyscrapers in Indonesia.
  7. CV. Golden Spider
    • Spider Embroidery is an Magelang based company that provides computer embroidery solution for garments and local convection factories.  This company's has impressive arrays of excellent records of punctuality and efficiency.

If you need printing note book or receipt book, please feel free to contact us by filling this form.  I believe SPD can handle all your printing needs.  SPD will gives special online customer discount up to 8% from our normal price.

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